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Kallisti Natural

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Welcome to the world of Kallisti Natural

"What man is happy? He who has a healthy body, a resourceful mind and a docile nature".

Get acquainted with our philosophy, the philosophy of KΛLLISTI NΛTURΛL.

Nourish your Body, Nourish your Skin, Nourish your Mind & Soul.

Embrace the Mediterranean way of living. Take advantage of the rich diversity that Greek Nature has to offer. 

With the power of the Greek Nature, a collection of superfoods, wellness and beauty care products just for you.

The Most Beautiful You!


Unique Early Harvest Extra Olive Oil, awarded, with excellent organoleptic properties, intense fruity aroma, bitter and slightly spicy aftertaste and crystal, brilliant green color.


Organic Herbs and Herbal teas

A variety of USDA organic, aromatic herbs and herbal teas from the beautiful island of Naxos with amazing taste and nutritional properties!

For every time of the day, rich in flavor, caffeine free.

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Natural Sea Salt

To start with blending a prime sea salt harvested at the salinas of Messolonghi - a natural habitat of wild life in western Greece - with the aromas of Greek herbs seemed only natural. So is the constellation of the Salt Odyssey series of salts: a natural source of vital elements for good health and a rich flavour palette for the gourmet of this world!

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Organic fig gourmet products

Certified organic, handcrafted, vegan and multi-awarded, this fig artisanal gourmet product collection, combines both inspiration and culunary culture with a healthy aspect.

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Explore our unique Skin Care and Body Care product line.

Homemade beauty recipes that passed through generations,

were joined with the best natural ingredients from the rich and fertile Greek land.

100% Natural Body Butters

100% Natural Body Butters with natural BeeswaxSt. John’s Wort OilHoney and the most selective fruits and herbs of the Laconic Land in Greece.

Through this Olive Oil-based formula your skin gets all the nutrients that it needs!

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Hemp Seed Oil Body Lotions

$4.00 $18.00

Hemp Body Lotion Neroli Portofino

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Hemp Body Lotion Gold Orchid

organic essential oils

100% Organic Essential Oils from the beautiful island of Naxos in Greece.

Great for aromatherapy, relaxation, scenting, massage, bath, skin care.

Indulge your senses!

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