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Sunscreen Milk SPF 50
Elaine Petrakis
Love this sunscreen!

There are so many things I love about this sunscreen! It smells great, is mostly natural ingredients, goes on easily and stays on, and is not oily. So glad I found this!!

I love it!

I thought I would give this a try and I am glad I did. It's a wonderful product. I have very sensitive skin to a lot of product but this one doesn't give me a problem at all in fact I love it. It is worth the money and would recommend it.

she loves it!

Gave this product to my daughter to try and she loves it.

Our favorite soap

The fragrance and texture of the soap are both delicate and luxurious. This has become our only bar soap!

Thank you for the wonderful review! Enjoy!

Oak Honey and Royal Jelly

If you love the earthy pine notes of retsina, you’ll love this earthy honey with it’s hint of oak - Θαύμα!

Thank you for the wonderful review George! Θαύμα indeed! Enjoy!

Feel of Luxury

A wonderful scent that leaves my body soft and refreshed. Have used most of your Body Creams and love them all. This is my favorite.

Thank you Bette, you are the best! Enjoy!

Dry Oil
Amazing Feel

Light, beautiful feel that immediately moisturizes without a greasy feel.

That why I love it, too! Enjoy!

Organic Herbal Tea Melodia
Caroline Davidson
Great herbal tea

I love this tea, there is a light lemon flavor that works well by itself or with other tea blends.

Thank you for the wonderful review Caroline! Enjoy!

super soap

There are many wonderful flavors of olive oil soap I get for friends. However, because of my allergies to fragrance I buy the donkey milk soap and just love it!!
I am so glad I found a soap that works for me. Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words Linda! I am glad I was able to help! Enjoy!

Wild Thyme & Flower Greek Honey

I tried this selection, this morning. It has a nice, smooth taste, but lacks the thickness of the Laconian, organic, village thyme-enriched variety. It is still, much tastier, than the commercial brands available in the States.

Thank you for the kind words Mr. George! Enjoy!

Rage for Sage

Sage and thyme essential oils are the best thing I have found to help clear up skin afflictions, especially athletes foot. Also does wonders for sore muscles. Great stuff.

Luv Oregano E Oil

Really effective essential oil used with sage and thyme essential oils in getting rid of various body fungus. Also warms and relaxes stiff sore aching muscles. Also helps open up congested chest and sinus.

Thank you for the wonderful review Rod! Enjoy!

Amazing Results

I am thrilled with the effects of rubbing it on an old scar. Last year I cut my knee but was afraid to go for stitches. I was later told that I would always have the scar because it took so long to heal without stitches. A few months ago I remembered what I had read about St. John's Wort Oil and decided to try it. The difference is amazing!

Thank you for the wonderful review Rose! This oil the real champ, indeed! Enjoy!

Age Defying Firming Cream
Diane Alessandra
Age defying firming cream

I just started using this product but I love how it feels on my skin. So far it’s a 5 star.
The fragrance is wonderful too.
Thank you

Thank you for the wonderful review Diane! I am really happy that you love the cream! Enjoy!

Organic Lemon Verbena
Catherine Coughlin
Great tea!

Love this tea, will definitely be purchasing more!

Thank you for the wonderful review Catherine! Enjoy!

Summer is loading!

What a great scent on this one! Also, the texture feels really nice and it is not sticky at all. Definitely a keeper!

Yes, finally summer is here! Thank you for the kind words Peter! Enjoy!

Added to Tea!

I purchased rosemary, sage, and oregano to add with my lemon verbena tea to get the added health benefits of each. Great quality products and I’ll definitely be purchasing more!

Thank you for the kind words! The lemon verbena is my favorite! And yes, the health benefits are huge! Enjoy!

Fresh tea. Nice company.

I ordered the Greek Organic Mountain Tea after reading about all its health benefits. I was pleased to find it at Kallisti Natural. Having my first cup of it right now and enjoying it very much. Added some locally produced honey. Very soothing tea.

Thank you for the kind words Katherine! Enjoy!


This tea is exactly what I thought it would be and more!

Thank you for the wonderful review Keith, enjoy!

Love it!

This is my favorite tea. On Saturday nights I add a little whiskey and honey and well, let’s just say it’s yummy 🀀

I gotta try this, what a great idea! Thank you Monique, enjoy!


This Oregano is fresh and aromatic. Truly reminds me of drying my own in my village in Greece.

Thank you for the wonderful review Suzanne! Enjoy!

Delicious Figs

The best dried figs ever... the closest to plucking a fresh fig off the trees in Greece!

And the fresh crop will be available soon! Thank you Suzanne, enjoy!

Good lotion for summer

The bamboo hemp lotion is so light in texture and scent. I switch it with my body butter on alternate days for variety. Perfect for summertime .


U won’t regret it

Indeed they are!
Thank you!

Nothing like it in the grocery store

This oil is really great. It has a really vibrant taste that is great on salads and vegetables and is great as a dipping sauce for bread with just some salt and pepper. It also stays fresh a long time. You just can't find a product anything like this in the grocery store. it makes a great gift for folks that don't know the wonders of EVOO.

Thank you so much Clark!
You picked an amazing EVOO with great benefits!
I love that you appreciate it so much!